Once a Canadian…

I’ve been living in California on and off for eight years.  It was gut-wrenching to leave my dearest friends, my beloved cats and the best apartment I ever had.  I miss Casablanca, my favorite Moroccan restaurant and the fun I had pretending to belly dance.  I miss the warmth and the sunny days.  And God knows I miss Two Buck Chuck!!  I would move back in a minute.

But in the last five weeks I’ve re-discovered something about Canada I love and missed in Silicon Valley.  I’m talking about curling.  Yes, that strange sport where folks slide heavy rocks down a sheet of ice in the hopes of knocking other rocks out of the rings and get closest to the button.  I had lots of blank stares when I tried to explain curling to Californians…

I’ve managed to come back right in the middle of curling season and I am in curling heaven. The Tournament of Hearts just ended, and the Brier just started yesterday – which means when I’m not at the computer  I’ll be in front of the TV.  And then in a few weeks, curling Nirvana, with the men’s and women’s world titles.  I am content.

And to top off my oh-so-Canadian experience, it snowed in Vancouver this afternoon – all over the beautiful palm trees surrounding the house I’m staying in.  I have come to hate the idea of snow.  But it was so darned beautiful I had to run out in it.

So I guess you can take the girl out of Canada…but you can’t totally take Canada out of the girl.

It’s Taken a While, but Here I Am…

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit scared.  I put this off for a long time, thinking that with so many bloggers out there, who would care about another?  Through Twitter and the joys of micro-blogging, I’ve finally found my voice and enough courage to take the next step.

So, welcome to my blog – a truly clean slate where I can share my observations on life, social media (especially Twitter) and the ever-changing world of PR.  I’m here  to teach, help, make you laugh and make you think. And I’m looking forward to hearing from you. If there is anything I’ve learned from social networking, it’s all about conversation.

Thanks to my dear friend and never-ending source of inspiration  IdaRose Sylvester (@idarose), who has bugged me for two years to blog – and will probably fall over when she sees this.  Thanks also to Joel Postman (@jpostman), Jennifer Leggio (@mediaphyter) and Danny Brown (@dannybrown) for letting me cut my teeth with guest posts on their highly popular and respected blogs.  And a huge hug and thank you to Bonnie Sainsbury (@bsainsbury), my first Twitter friend in Vancouver who helped make this blog possible.

Stay tuned and enjoy the journey.  I plan to.