A Sweet Childhood Memory – The Littlest Angel

It’s less than a week before Christmas. I’m not a huge fan of the day (after all, I’ve spent more time in synagogues the past 15 years than anywhere else!), but I do have a childhood ritual that I have re-visited often over the years. And it all has to do with a grumpy little angel.

The Littlest Angel by Charles Tazewell.

The Littlest Angel

When I was growing up in Montreal in the 1960s, part of what made Christmas so special for me and my two younger sisters was lying in bed on Christmas Eve night and listening to the legendary Paul Reid broadcast The Littlest Angel on CJAD Radio. It was 20 minutes of magic that endures today for me, despite the fact that it’s obviously decades old and a bit dated.

Why does this story of a little angel who’s finding it hard to fit in stick with me? I’m not what you’d call religious, so it’s not that.

It reminds me of happy times. We didn’t have much, my mother was raising the three of us alone, but she always made sure Christmas happened for us.

And Paul Reid’s voice, a voice silenced too young, was unforgettable – gentle, comforting and with a hit of humour.

It’s a treasure. Give it a listen. I’m going to.



I Remember…

On this Remembrance Day, I am remembering my uncle, who never got to see his many nieces and nephews, and never got to have kids of his own. My mother misses him to this day. He died so close to the end of the war…

Thank you, Uncle John. Thank you to all those brave and wonderful men and women who fought and never came home. Thank you to those who served and are serving still. And than you to all the families and friends who love and have loved all these good and honourable people. We must never forget.

O’DONNELL, Lance Sergeant, JOHN JOSEPH, D/26811, 22nd Armd. Regt., Canadian Grenadier Guards, R.C.A.C. 26 February 1945. Age 23. Son of Frank and Ann O’Donnell, of Montreal, Province of Quebec. Grave Ref. XXII. A. 9. GROESBEEK CANADIAN WAR CEMETERY, Netherlands

I’m also remembering my grandfather Frank, who died on November 11, 1969. He was my best friend. I love him still.

Who are you remembering today?


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