Peeking Out from Behind the Mask

I’ve never been much of a Hallowe’en person. I rarely dress up, and I must confess that I make sure I’m not home during peak trick or treating hours. But all of the Hallowe’en posts and tweets today have set my mind on masks and disguises that we wear on other days.

I’m not a philosopher, by any stretch. I don’t spend hours mulling these kind of things over in my head. I never think I’m intellectual enough. But I know that I’ve been guilty of putting on a mask to face the world – in fact, I think I have several.

There’s the happy face, even when I’m down, the confident face when I’m unsure, the social face when I’m feeling like I want to be alone. I don’t think I’m unique. We all do it. It’s expected of us. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. We want to fit in. And I think these faces, these masks we hide behind are necessary sometimes. In my case, they keep me going when life gets tough.

But I am learning to simply be more comfortable in being myself, even when the urge to grab one mask or another is tempting. After all, this is me, warts and all, and I and the rest of the world better get used to it:-) It’s giving the phrase “face value” a whole new meaning for me.

How about you? What mask do you want to grab today? And can you, will you, leave it hanging where it is?

Coconut Mask Collection

Coconut Mask Collection (Photo credit: cybertoad)

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