Building Connections, Two at a Time

Not sure how it’s happened, but I am hovering around the 3,000 mark in followers on Twitter.  And I follow just about that many people.  It’s amazing.  And overwhelming.  How can I possibly connect with all these wonderful, smart people?

Realistically, I can’t, although I try really hard to engage as many as I can.  And surprisingly, (to me at least) many people engage right back. I love when that happens.

So, I’ve decided to share my very positive Twitter experience.

This week I began posting what I’m calling my Introduction of the Day –  connecting two people I have met on Twitter who may share interests, or professions, or proximity.  Or they may just be two people I enjoy so much that I simply want them to meet and strike up a conversation.

After all, conversation is what Twitter is all about.

I’m looking forward to having fun with this.  And I hope it prompts you to introduce people you know.  I think it has the potential to enrich the Twitter experience for all of us.

Let me know how it goes.