Blind Tastings – Chefs Up Close at EAT! Vancouver: Lynn Crawford

Continuing my love affair with some of my favourite chefs at last week’s EAT! Vancouver, I thought I’d feature one of the most popular celebrities of the weekend – Chef Lynn Crawford, world-renowned chef, author and star of Pitchin’ In.

She was a joy to shoot – funny, spontaneous and very giving. I think she’d get a bit of an #EyeOpener seeing these pics. I hope she does.



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Blind Tastings – Chefs Up Close at EAT! Vancouver: Chuck Hughes

I love Food Network. That’s partly because I don’t have a talent for cooking – Dave was the family chef for sure. But I also love chefs. I admire their creativity, their passion, and their zest for life that shines through the food they produce for us to enjoy.

When I got the opportunity to attend this year’s EAT! Vancouver Food and Cooking Festival a week ago, I was determined to capture some of my favourite chefs in action – and I must say, I did!

Here’s your #EyeOpener for the day, folks – forget your typical head and shoulders shots – these are living, breathing, funny, human people under those chef’s jackets. And that’s how I’ll remember them.

First, Chuck Hughes, Iron Chef America winner, and host of such popular programs as Chuck’s Day Off, and Chuck’s Week Off.

More chefs to come…





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