It’s a Cat Day

My life has revolved around my cats for years, but it’s only in the last several years or so that I’ve worked to capture them camera. And my God, it’s not always easy to take photos of animals who just won’t stay still!  I’ve pulled together some of my favourites from my three generations of my much-loved felines. I hope you enjoy this very personal #EyeOpener.

First, there was my beloved Molly, who was part of our family for 17 years and dearly loved by me and Dave. It’s been four years, and I still miss her as much as ever ? (My God, that computer!).


Then there was Zoe and Jake, the cats I adopted when I was living and working in Silicon Valley in the mid-2000s, I adored them both, but circumstances kept them in sunny California with dear friends – and I still get to see them.


Jakey the Russian Blue was a total character from the get-go.  Zoe is sweet, gentle and very shy. While I would have loved to have had them with me when I returned to Canada, they love living with their other two cat-companions and I am so happy I found someone who loves them as much as me.



And now, I have Grace, my smart-as-a-whip girl named for a Princess because she is one, and Reilly, the very handsome tabby boy with the slightly vacant stare who does a great ‘Timmy’s-down-the-well’ impersonation when he can’t find his partner-in-crime.


Gracie is gorgeous, but one of my favourite shots is her very fierce yawn!

Sleepy Reilly

Reilly, the jungle cat:-)


I love these two. They were my comfort when Dave was ill and through his passing, and they make me smile every day. But then again, all my cats have done that for me.

I’d love to hear your stories and see your pics of your wonderful pets – please feel free to share!

Olympics, Interrupted

It’s hard to believe that these marvelous Games are close to ending.  I should have spent the last several days braving the lineups at the Olympic Houses and the zipline, wandering up and down Robson and Granville Streets and generally drinking in the atmosphere.  But I didn’t.  Because of Molly.

Molly is our soon-to-be-17-year-old cat.  She’s a petite tuxedo, black with white chest, tummy and paws.  She’s always been small, but age has her shrinking down to just over five pounds.  She’s the love of my life.  She’s my baby. And last Saturday we almost lost her.

Without warning, a nasty infection and high fever rendered my sweet girl from lively and inquisitive into an almost lifeless state in mere hours.  If not for the Emergency Animal Hospital, I’m pretty certain Molly would have left us.  She’s on heavy doses of antibiotics and subQ fluids, but she’s with us, thank God.

So this week I’ve curtailed some of my Olympic activities in favour of sitting at home in front of the TV holding my Molly close.  And it’s been just heavenly.

Here’s to you, Mollykins, and to all the pets we love and have loved.  I’ll treasure you forever.