Hot Baths and Cold Comforts

This week, I rediscovered a truth about myself. Not in a My-God-what-a-revelation kind of way, mind you. More like a quiet realization that there are  basic things that I need to feel happy and be me. Like hot water.

I was without for three days, and I definitely suffered. I was a miserable, surly, uncomfortable lump. Not just because I couldn’t do my dishes and wash myself without boiling water, but mostly because I couldn’t have a proper bath in my old tub that keeps the water hot for a blissfully long time.

I love baths. My whole family does. For me, it’s a healing place that soothes the arthritis in my back. It’s been a favourite place to read. it’s been the place where I’ve closed the door and bawled my eyes out when life got to be too much over the past two years. It’s my place where I can be alone, where I can relax, where I can think. Or not:-)

I plan to lose myself – and find myself too – in a hot bubble bath today. I can’t wait. The little things can be just as important, just as precious, as Big Stuff. Perhaps even more.

Did you make any discoveries this week? Did little things make a difference in your world? How did you feel? I’d love to know.

I’ll read your feedback later. After my bath.

Three rubber ducks in foam bath

Three rubber ducks in foam bath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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