I Have Found Another Hero

I have many heroes – my mother, who raised three girls alone in the early 60s, my niece, who copes every day with chronic illness, so many friends who have bourne great loss over the past few years.

But this woman – Tara Miller – is an inspiration for me because she shares my passion for photography, and has made a living doing what she loves in spite of being legally blind like me. I hope I get to meet her someday. Her work is nothing short of awesome. Way to go, Tara. Keep kicking butt. I love your vision.

Take a look at the article and embedded video.

It’s All About Tracy Today

Lives can change forever in an instant. This family’s life has, and it will be tough.

On Sunday September 4th while cycling alone near Blue Mountain in Collingwood Ontario, Tracy Dort-Kyne crashed her bike on Scenic Caves Road and suffered a life-changing Complete C3/C4 spinal cord injury. She had been training for The Centurion road race. Tracy was flown by air-ambulance to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto and remains in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit. Tracy is a single mom of 3 young boys and may be in the hospital for several months.

Though I’ve never met Tracy, I know and love her sister Lesley Dort, and there is no one stronger and more resilient. I have no doubt that this fighting spirit is a family trait, and everyone is holding everyone else together. But there are mountains to scale and sad, scared kids to comfort.

Please help, with anything you can – prayers, donations, support. They’re even looking for help with the WordPress site.

Thank you! And this Thanksgiving, hold your loved ones close and be thankful for what you have. Because it can be taken away at any time.


Photo Friday – My Theme Shot

Since photography has become so important to me, I thought I’d use Fridays to feature a particular shot and give it a bit of context. I couldn’t think of a better place to begin than with the photo I chose for the first theme shot.

This was taken at Vancouver’s Sun-Yat-Sen Gardens on a beautiful and sunny late afternoon in May – one of a few hundred I took that day in this idyllic venue. As a visually impaired photographer, I shoot with a concept in mind, but I don’t know exactly what the final outcome will be. I was thrilled with this photo on so many levels.

More than anything else, it conveys better than anything else how I see – items close up are fairly ‘clear’ (at least to me!) and grow blurrier and less distinct as they get farther away. At all times, though, I’m very conscious of colour and light. The fact that the opening in the rock looks rather eye-like wasn’t lost on me either. And heck, I just love the entire effect.

So, enjoy. I hope it gives you a sense of what I’m capable of – indeed, what we are all capable of, whatever our real and perceived limitations.

Happy Friday, and for all you Canadians out there, Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

A Few Thoughts on Steve Jobs

Like so many of us, I’m still processing the fact that Steve Jobs is gone. The news hit me hard yesterday, much more than I imagined it would. I was in tears more than once in those early minutes when the tweets came cascading in, when I tried to keep up with the deluge of comments, bulletins and tributes. It was impossible to do.

I never had an Apple computer till early this year. Then two events happened that have transformed my life. First, I was lucky enough to win an iPad from Advantage Lighting – an amazing and uplifting experience when Dave’s health was declining rapidly. I can’t tell you how much I love its portability, ease of use and large screen!

Then, shortly after Dave died. I suffered a dramatic drop in my sight (later corrected with laser treatments), and literally could not read anything off my laptop. So I took the plunge with a 21 inch iMac from Simply Computing, and fell in love. It’s difficult to put into words how wonderful it was to be able to move a screen right up to my face and manipulate everything with Apple’s accessibility features – amazing! And my favourite thing of all – a $20 black rubber cover for my keyboard that transforms the pale silver keys into high-contrast white on black print. Best. Thing. Ever. Here’s what it looks like:

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for making this one gal’s life easier and more productive. I may have come to Apple later in life, but the impact on me has been huge. I will always wish I had been able to thank you personally. And give you a hug.

Here is my favourite tribute to Steve Jobs – his commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005. Rest in Peace, Mr. Jobs. Apple has lost its core.




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Turning the Page

Hi everyone.

It’s been a long time – more than a year, in fact. Many of you already know the reasons for my silence – much of it centred around the illness and death of my husband Dave Kane. It’s actually a year to the day that he was rushed to the hospital and both our lives were forever changed. I plan to talk about this in more detail. It’s something I need to do. But not today. Today I just want to say Hi, and I’ve missed you. And I am working on moving forward.

It’s partly today’s sad anniversary, partly my own journey, but I feel it’s time for me to turn the page, and start over with a new and more focused blog. My platform,. My soapbox. My photo gallery.

So, I’m happy to introduce Seeing Things. A work in progress, for sure. But I have a new name that plays not only on my point of view but how I literally view the world as a visually impaired person. I haven’t necessarily broadcast the fact much over the years, but now that I am ‘older’, I realize that my unique approach to my profession, my experiences – and lately, my photography – might be able to inform, help and maybe even inspire. So, I’m going for it – beginning with a new theme and a photo I took that, intentionally or not, captures the essence of me in a way that left me speechless and a bit giddy. I have to say, I love it. And I’m proud of it.

What can you expect from me? Well, it will be a bit of a slow process, but I hope to focus on the things that matter to me – capturing my world in pictures, talking about photography, PR, social media, accessibility issues and tools that may help anyone who is challenged in some way. And maybe an occasional rant for good measure. I hope you like it, and stick with me as I ramp up.

Thank you to the brilliant Lorraine Murphy, aka Raincoaster, who helped me pry what’s been in my head for months onto the page at long last. It felt so awesome to actually see what I imagined become real. And thank you to the countless friends, family and people I’ve never met all over the world who’ve delivered hugs, prayers, words of encouragement, jokes and support in person and otherwise. I love you all.

About to take a running jump. I’ll see how high I fly.


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