Photo Friday – Evoking Time and Place

I don’t call myself a world traveler – I wish! – but I have been fortunate to visit a few places I had only dreamed about as a kid. In 2006, I visited Tokyo, and I really credit that experience with the start of my love affair with ‘serious’ photography. And that’s also when I began to think of myself as a visually impaired photographer, who could show the world that everything is possible.

During that visit, I realized how much I wanted to hold onto the feeling of Being There, of giving anyone looking at this collection a strong feeling of time and place. And even five years later, I can look at these photos and smile. It was a magical trip.

This photo still remains one of my all-time favourites, taken with one of my first point-and-shoot Canon Power Shot cameras. No matter where I am, I’m back in this small market near a major temple, wandering, overwhelmed, loving every minute.


This is another favourite – the stair railing seemed so out of place to me, something I might see in my home town of Montreal.It prompted me to focus on various types of architecture wherever I go.


Finally, I loved this shot of this little boy, who decided that he just wasn’t going to walk anymore:-)


Feel free to visit the rest of my Tokyo set here. I’d love to hear what you think.