It’s All About Tracy Today

Lives can change forever in an instant. This family’s life has, and it will be tough.

On Sunday September 4th while cycling alone near Blue Mountain in Collingwood Ontario, Tracy Dort-Kyne crashed her bike on Scenic Caves Road and suffered a life-changing Complete C3/C4 spinal cord injury. She had been training for The Centurion road race. Tracy was flown by air-ambulance to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto and remains in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit. Tracy is a single mom of 3 young boys and may be in the hospital for several months.

Though I’ve never met Tracy, I know and love her sister Lesley Dort, and there is no one stronger and more resilient. I have no doubt that this fighting spirit is a family trait, and everyone is holding everyone else together. But there are mountains to scale and sad, scared kids to comfort.

Please help, with anything you can – prayers, donations, support. They’re even looking for help with the WordPress site.

Thank you! And this Thanksgiving, hold your loved ones close and be thankful for what you have. Because it can be taken away at any time.