Photo Friday – The Skies Have It!

We have a winner! This photo was a result of being in the right place at the right time – and in this case, I happened to be on Vancouver’s SkyTrain as the sun was beginning to set amid the clouds. All I had was my iPhone, but I managed to capture the big, beautiful skies of Vancouver and the result took my breath away.

The big, beautiful skies of Vancouver.

The big, beautiful skies of Vancouver.

This photo drew a lot of attention, and helped catapult me over 200,000 views on Flickr – a real milestone for me. And it’s made me even more determined to capture life as I see it, no matter where I am or what camera I have with me. That should be an #EyeOpener for us all.


Resurrecting an Old Favourite – Photo Friday

Way back when I started to blog, I posted some favourite photos of the week every Friday. Unfortunately, I let it lapse, but I’ve always missed it. So, welcome back, Photo Friday! Here are my picks for this week, from Dude Chilling Park in Vancouver.. You can view the entire Flickr album here.

Sunflowers and bees - what could be more inspiring?

Photo Friday Pick #1 – Sunflowers and bees – what could be more inspiring?

This bee was unusually accommodating!

Photo Friday Pick #2 – This bee was unusually accommodating!

Thrilled to get so close!

Photo friday Pick #3 – Thrilled to get so close to the bee!

Sunflower about to bloom.

Photo friday Pick #4 – Sunflower about to bloom.

It feels really good to bring back a routine I loved and looked forward to. And I promise I won’t be dropping the ball this time!

I welcome your comments and support to keep me on track:-)


Photo Friday: Uncharted Territory, then Back to My Comfort Zone

This past week, I went on two photo shoots that made me very happy. I had been losing my confidence in my photography over the last few months, questioning my camera, my lenses and my ability after a few less-than-satisfactory shoots. But I seem to have worked out most of the kinks as far as the equipment is concerned – and I’m feeling much, much better about me:-)

Why? Two reasons. First, I went out of my comfort zone and shot the first night of Vancouver’s annual Honda Celebration of Light, and was very pleased with the results. I was a bit intimidated at the prospect of freezing fireworks in action, given the darkness and the speed of the fireworks show. But, surprise! Not all of the photos sucked:-)

Here’s the slide show of my Flickr set. See what you think.


Secondly, I had the opportunity to visit the gorgeous and historic VanDusen Botanical Garden, where I found myself back in my element – among wonderful trees, plants, flowers and water features. I was at home, surrounded by a peaceful silence broken only by quiet conversations of passers-by and the sweet songs of many birds. And I was fortunate to capture some of my favourite flower shots yet. I’m proud to share them with you!


By the way, the lovely lady in the black hat is the one-and-only Dianne Chow, whose Fabulously Frugal in Vancouver blog is a must-read. Thanks to Dianne for the invite, and the chance to share an awesome picnic basket, courtesy of the Garden.

All in all, a very good week.

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Photo Friday – Why Travel Moves Me

The view from my small but charming hotel room in Paris

Why do you travel? I’ve been asking myself that so often during the course of this almost month-long vacation.

I’ve come up with a list for me.

Embracing change
Seeing my world differently
The joy of discovery
The wonder of learning
Appreciating beauty
Accepting some ugly realities
Finding myself
Losing myself

And then…
Coming home

What would you add to the list?

Photo Friday – Sharing the Spotlight

This week, I was honoured and thrilled to be featured in an article in The Daily Dot called Seeing through Pictures, which focused on how my newly-found passion for photography has affected how I literally see my world.

It’s an understatement to say that I’ve been blown away by the response to the article. I can’t thank people enough for all the Facebook posts, tweets and retweets and notes of encouragement and affection. It thrilled my family. It made me proud, and more determined than ever to take my passion and run with it. Thank you.

But the piece wasn’t just about me. So I want to make doubly sure the spotlight shines on the others mentioned in the article – because they are and will continue to be my inspiration.

First, check out the amazing Tara Miller, who’s already been featured in an earlier post. Her work is phenomenal. Then go to Flickr and discover the brilliance and diversity of the Blind Photographers group. I guarantee you will gain a new understanding and appreciation of the many ways visually impaired people see what is often taken for granted. I doubt you’ll look at us and your world in the same way.

And last, but not least, thank you to The Daly Dot and to contributor Lorraine Murphy, for giving its readers a new perspective and for giving us a voice. It doesn’t happen often enough.