A Few Thoughts on Steve Jobs

Like so many of us, I’m still processing the fact that Steve Jobs is gone. The news hit me hard yesterday, much more than I imagined it would. I was in tears more than once in those early minutes when the tweets came cascading in, when I tried to keep up with the deluge of comments, bulletins and tributes. It was impossible to do.

I never had an Apple computer till early this year. Then two events happened that have transformed my life. First, I was lucky enough to win an iPad from Advantage Lighting – an amazing and uplifting experience when Dave’s health was declining rapidly. I can’t tell you how much I love its portability, ease of use and large screen!

Then, shortly after Dave died. I suffered a dramatic drop in my sight (later corrected with laser treatments), and literally could not read anything off my laptop. So I took the plunge with a 21 inch iMac from Simply Computing, and fell in love. It’s difficult to put into words how wonderful it was to be able to move a screen right up to my face and manipulate everything with Apple’s accessibility features – amazing! And my favourite thing of all – a $20 black rubber cover for my keyboard that transforms the pale silver keys into high-contrast white on black print. Best. Thing. Ever. Here’s what it looks like:

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for making this one gal’s life easier and more productive. I may have come to Apple later in life, but the impact on me has been huge. I will always wish I had been able to thank you personally. And give you a hug.

Here is my favourite tribute to Steve Jobs – his commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005. Rest in Peace, Mr. Jobs. Apple has lost its core.




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