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Hello, and welcome!

I’m a lifestyle, travel, and events photographer who just happens to be legally blind. I use my unique perspective and camera to capture and share things I actually can’t see.

And I’m good. Take a look:

I’m also a veteran PR gal and accessibility advocate. I believe in the power of community, and I take great pleasure bringing people together. I love the West Coast, and call Vancouver BC home.

I love everything Apple, being with family and friends, writing, photo-walking, travel, food and wine, hot sake, politics, my cats, CBC Radio, trivia and hugs.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Cathy,

    I am a friend of Raul’s. I met him through Twitter and began to follow your story. I am struck by how our paths have merged over the last 18 months. When you lost Dave, my husband, Ray was in his last months of a 6-year battle with pancreatic cancer. I lost him this March. We too had a business together and now I am carrying it on my own.

    I would love to be in contact, even just “virtually” if you would like to be! My blog on my new life without Ray is at http://mourningray.wordpress.com. I also blog about life at this age (we are both the same age!) and having an aging parent to worry about at http://sandwichwoman.wordpress.com.

    Good to finally write to you directly!



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