Saying Yes

This is Day Nine of my 30-day #NaBloPoMo commitment to write a blog post every day in November, and I must say I’m a bit fried, but also pretty pleased with myself.

It’s definitely not an easy exercise, but I’ve managed to come up with a topic every day so far. And today, my thoughts are revolving around a little gift I received the other night from a good friend.

It’s a little metal disc that sits comfortablty in the palm of your hand, with the word “Yes” etched on it.CAB_8777

It’s a reminder to me to be positive, no matter what life throws at me.

It’s “YES” to celebrating victories, large and small.

It’s “YES” to reaching out to friends (and friends I haven’t even made yet) for conversation, connection and support.

It’s “YES” to continuing to set goals and succeeding beyond my expectations.

It’s “YES” to simple pleasures, like strolling Vancouver’s magnificant seawall.

It’s “YES” to more hugs, and more laughter.

It’s “YES” to pursuing what I love and sharing my world in photos.

It’s “YES’ to me.

Thank you, Marc Smith. You have a good and expansive heart!

Oh, by the way – there is a “NO” on the flip side. But I haven’t bothered to turn it over.


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