Blind Tastings – Sushi Master Makes the Ancient Art Approachable for Everyone

Sushi is my ultimate comfort food. There is nothing on earth that makes me feel better and happier. So I was delighted to dedicate my eighth #NaBloPoMo post to my favourite food!

The event – “Anyone Can Make Sushi”, a free sushi-making class held at the beautiful Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre. Sponsored by Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to promote the preparation of authentic Japanese meals, the two 90-minute sessions featured Chef Takayuki Omi of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel.

Chef Taka began each class with a brief over view of washoku – the traditional method of Japanese cooking and its emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients. He used the phrase “One Soup, Three Sides” to highlight the Japanese way of preparing and eating meals. Aside from soup, sides could include rice, pickles, and seafood. Sushi is often central to a Japanese meal.

The class was actually treated to Chef Taka’s own version of clear seafood soup before the sushi-making exercise began. The nori-based broth was fortified with dried kelp.

Photo by Cathy Browne

Photo by Cathy Browne

Photo by Cathy Browne

Then Chef Taka demonstrated how to assemble the hand-rolled sushi, and everyone added their own twist to their creations. Note the Minnie Mouse fan cooling off the sushi rice.

Photo by Cathy BrownePhoto by Cathy Browne Photo by Cathy BrownePhoto by Cathy BrownePhoto by Cathy BrownePhoto by Cathy BrownePhoto by Cathy BrowneFor me, one of the highlights was seeing so many kids at the sessions with their parents. It was a privilege to meet Chef Taka, who gave so generously of his talent and time. And I discobvered a hidden gem in the Nikkei Centre, which I’ll be exploring in more detail.

Not to mention the fact that Chef Taka made me nigiri, since I don’t eat seaweed!

Photo by Cathy BrowneThank you Chef!

Photo by Cathy Browne

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