Oh, Canada! Celebrating the Justin Trudeau Era.

I have a lot of loves, including my cats, sushi, wine and Sherlock Holmes. But today, for #NaBloPoMo Day Six, I’m all about politics, and the incredible event that took place in Canada this week.

I’m a political junkie, and have been following US and Canadian politics for more than 50 years. I can still remember, at age six, sitting in front of our tiny black and white TV in 1960 and intently watching the entire Kennedy-Nixon debate. I haven’t looked back since.

When I was 14, in 1968, I was swept up in the tidal wave of Trudeaumania that saw Pierre Elliot Trudeau rise to power as Canada’s 15th Prime Minister. I remember going to a huge rally in Montreal, wearing a gigantic Trudeau button and screaming myself hoarse.

And then…a miracle! Suddenly four or five burly guys lined up right in front of me and linked arms. I knew then and there that HE would be walking right by me. And as Trudeau and his entourage started to pass by the security detail, I lunged over the linked arms – and grabbed his hand. I didn’t let go until he turned around AND SMILED AT ME!!

My teenage heart almost exploded, and I didn’t wash that hand for two days…

Fast forward to this week. After a long, tumultuous, intense and often bitter election campaign, another Trudeau – Pierre’s charasmatic, articulate, people-loving and selfie-taking oldest son Justin – became our 23rd Prime Minister.

After almost a decade when it felt to me as if Canada had become a darker, more fearful, more suspicious, less inclusive country, I breathed a sigh of relief and shed many tears of joy as the new PM took his oath of office.

It sounds corny, but it really feels like the dawn of a new era. Take a look at this tweet that lists all the changes that Prime Minister Trudeau has introduced:

Image 2015-11-05 at 3.01 PM


And check out his answer when he was asked why he felt it was important to ensure gender parity in his new Cabinet.

2015, indeed. I hope Pierre is smiling, wherever he is. I haven’t stopped.

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