Picking Up the Threads

A lot of time has past since I’ve written or posted anything. Too long, I know. Too hard a winter, too many technical issues, too much fear of actually writing have all contributed. As one of my dear (and brutally honest) friends has told me, I’m a bad blogger. “Just do it,” she always says. She’s right. But I needed to get over the hump of holidays, the New Year and that first anniversary of losing Dave. All done now. I survived.

And the next chapter began a few weeks ago with my first trip to Europe. So far, I’ve been to Vienna, Milan, and Venice – and I’m now half-way through my first day in Paris. I’ll write in more detail on each leg of the journey, but suffice it to say that the experience is an eye-opener on many levels.

So, here I go, feeling braver, full of thoughts, literally thousands of photos already taken and many, many more to come. I hope you come along for the ride. It might be a bit bumpy at times, but I’ll get there!

One thought on “Picking Up the Threads

  1. Oh, dear. I bet I have an idea who that ‘brutally honest’ friend might be…. Gotta say, I’m kinda nervous of that kind of feedback myself, as a brand new blogger with no idea what I’m doing, except that I’m sharing my world and experiences. I like what you are doing, so screw the ‘brutal’ people!! 🙂

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