Photo Friday – Words in Action

I don’t consider myself a ‘people’ photographer. At least, not the kind of formal portrait photography that involves posing. I’m much more interested in freezing moments in time, and capturing emotion, passion, and intensity.

I love taking photos of speakers as they entertain, motivate and teach. And I found the perfect opportunity to capture some incredible speakers at TEDx Vancouver just a few weeks ago.

Here’s the slide show of my favourite TEDx moments. I hope you enjoy them. And if I may insert a shameless plug – I am available for hire!


Photo Friday: Lest We Forget

I decided this morning to head down to the Remembrance Day ceremony in Vancouver’s Victory Square to honour the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much in fighting for freedom and peace and against tyranny. I also wanted to capture the moment, if I could.

It moved me to tears to see thousands of people, young and old, in attendance. I loved to see young couples holding each other close. And the faces of some of the very few veterans left – well, there are no words. Just thanks, with a full heart.

Here’s my slide show. I’ll always remember today.

Not Photo Friday, but What the Heck… My Second LA Photowalk

It’s been beautiful here in LA, and instead of going to museums as I had planned, I’ve been photo walking instead. And I’ll be doing the same today. I’ll come back when the weather is drearier and visit all the galleries and museums then:-)

In the meantime, I’ll continue to shoot the wonderful architecture of Los Angeles. And apologies in advance for shooting the Walt Disney Concert Hall from so many angles – the building completely fascinated me.

Here’s the slide show. Enjoy.


Photo Friday – LA Photowalk, Pershing Square, November 2011

I’m right in the middle of my BlogWorld and New Media Expo adventure – and I have the pics to prove it! I’ll be posting them shortly after the show ends, but for this Photo Friday I thought I’d showcase the pics I took on a solitary photowalk I did of Pershing Square this past Wednesday. I had a grand time taking shots of the varied and interesting buildings and structures in this charming square.

I hope you enjoy them.