Photo Friday – Sharing Experiences

I love taking photos of events at restaurants and bars – the decor, the ambiance, and especially the food and drink. For me, it’s not only capturing the essence of being there, but also re-creating a taste sensation that I hope will prompt someone to visit to the location and have an equally enjoyable experience.

One of my favourite photos continues to be an iPhone shot I took at Hapa Izakaya in Yaletown here in Vancouver. Nothing staged – this was simply my sushi dinner. But I still get hungry every time I look at it! My friend raincoaster actually made this my first food shot to appear in a blog – Manolo’s Food Blog. I was thrilled.

Then, last week, I was fortunate to attend the ‘official’ re-launch of a new bar/restaurant in the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel – the Xi Shi Lounge. A gorgeous venue, delicious, inventive food and fantastic beverages. My slide show of the event is below. The shots were very well-received, and I’m very pleased with my contribution to the celebration.

Who knows? Someday, I may get paid to do this:-)


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