A Ride to Remember

On Sunday, I hopped on the Main bus to meet a friend downtown.  I love the Main bus. It meanders down my beloved Main Street neighborhood full of mom and pop businesses, wonderful clothes shops that showcase the best of Canadian fashion, and of course, some of my favorite restaurants. (I plan to do a photowalk later this week and will post shortly after.)

What made my trip even more enjoyable this time was the driver – a woman who smiled, chatted and went out of her way to be helpful. No matter who got on the bus – locals she recognized, a homeless person looking to get a free ride, or a young mother struggling to maneuver a stroller on board – she extended the same courtesy, with the same smile. She made everyone on the bus glad to be along for the ride.

One woman actually complimented the driver on her positive attitude as she was getting off at her stop.  The driver smiled and said, “I love my job!” That was definitely evident.

Translink, take note.  I don’t know her name, but the driver of Main bus #2553 is a winner and a terrific ambassador for Vancouver. And she personifies what I hope will be our attitude toward each other during the Olympics – ever positive, ever helpful, and damn happy to be part of the fabric of this beautiful city.

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