How I Spent My Twitter Vacation

When Twitter went down with no warning on Thursday morning, my first reaction was annoyance.  I was in the middle of my morning ritual of checking overnight posts, replying and RTing where it made sense, and generally getting up to speed – and this unexpected downtime interrupted my schedule. Drat.  Oh well, I’ll grab a coffee and it’ll be back up.

But of course, it wasn’t.

So I went over to Facebook, which for me isn’t my preferred vehicle of conversation.  Commiserated with a few fellow Tweeters who, like me, were starting to get twitchy. One dear old friend suggested to me that perhaps I needed a 12-Step Program…

I knew he was joking (really, he was!), but it did prompt me to realize that I was spending too much time staring at the screen, simply waiting for the bluebird to rise again.

So I walked away from the computer. I actually sat and read the paper. I called my mother. I curled up with my frail little 16 year old cat and told her how much I loved her.  And it felt good.

When Twitter came back up, I was relieved and happy – but I also reminded myself to approach this platform I love with a little more objectivity, a different perspective.  As much and as often as I am on Twitter, and as much as I value who I know and what I’ve learned there – there a lot more to savor.

So, no 12-Step.  But certainly one important one for me.

3 thoughts on “How I Spent My Twitter Vacation

  1. For me, the twitter down times are sort of like the Earth Hour. It’s fabulous to pull away and revert to the Old Ways, but only for a wee bit, then it’s great to be back on the grid!

  2. I don’t use Twitter nearly as much as I should. Spend to much time on Facebook (said that in robotic voice).

    Perhaps we are addicts, but this is still better than crack….I think.

    12-Step program? There’s an idea, but it would have to be on-line.

  3. I know! Even though I’ve been on Twitter less, I just found some compelling reason to HAVE.TO.BE.ON.TWITTER right then. When it didn’t work. And refresh every minute. It was sad. We’re all addicts.

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