Getting Over the Hump…

Just a bit of personal reflection on a Sunday morning…

It’s now August.  And for me, it’s a pivotal time.  I’ve got to use this month to get our Ottawa house up for sale, de-clutter and streamline what possessions we want to hold onto and prepare to move my husband Dave and me to Vancouver and the West Coast I’ve come to love.

It’s not an easy decision.  All of my family is here – mom, sisters, nieces, nephews – and our little great-niece Kyra Alicia, born just this week.  I have a few very good and supportive friends here.   But it’s time to make a move.

The winters are hard.  A large house is too difficult for us to maintain.  Now that Dave is at retirement age, it’s a good time for a change of scene.  And at 55, I need to go where I think I have the best shot at working in the PR and social media professions I’m so passionate about.  I figure I have another 15-20 years in me:-)

So, wish me luck.  It’s definitely a ‘hump’ month.  I may not have time to post that much.  When I do, I may be bitchy.  Bear with me.  I’m relying on that light at the end of the tunnel.

And, oh yes – I’m available for work, either on the West Coast, or virtually.  Spread the word.

Thank everyone.  Good vibes, words of encouragement and a swift kick if I need it are all appreciated.

And if you’re also facing challenges this month, let me know.  We’ll help each other.

Happy Hump Month.

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