Building Connections, Two at a Time

Not sure how it’s happened, but I am hovering around the 3,000 mark in followers on Twitter.  And I follow just about that many people.  It’s amazing.  And overwhelming.  How can I possibly connect with all these wonderful, smart people?

Realistically, I can’t, although I try really hard to engage as many as I can.  And surprisingly, (to me at least) many people engage right back. I love when that happens.

So, I’ve decided to share my very positive Twitter experience.

This week I began posting what I’m calling my Introduction of the Day –  connecting two people I have met on Twitter who may share interests, or professions, or proximity.  Or they may just be two people I enjoy so much that I simply want them to meet and strike up a conversation.

After all, conversation is what Twitter is all about.

I’m looking forward to having fun with this.  And I hope it prompts you to introduce people you know.  I think it has the potential to enrich the Twitter experience for all of us.

Let me know how it goes.

11 thoughts on “Building Connections, Two at a Time

  1. Two connections led me to meeting you today. Danny Brown is speaking on BlogTalkRadio/jckc tomorrow. I know the radio guys, Jason & Ken. I follow and RT Danny. Figured Jason & Ken saw my #FF last Friday recommending Danny. But, no. Danny tells me you are the go between.

    Nice to meet you!

    BTW, moving is a pain. I know lots of wonderful real estate folks who can provide some peace of mind.

  2. Precisely what I’m trying to do, Raul…each of the #DailyIntro’s I’ve put up so far are linking two specific people for a specific reason. And tho they may in fact be following each other, as far as I know they aren’t ENGAGING each other:-)

    And yes, I am looking to connect you to just the right person, as you suggested.

    Thanks so much for the feedback.

  3. I think the idea is great, but I think it would be even more valuable if the connections were to be

    (a) two people that don’t actually follow each other


    (b) two people who would benefit from learning from each other

    So for example, connecting me with people who are interested in mental health issues wouldn’t be exactly right (because while I organized Mental Health Camp with Isabella Mori she is MUCH more knowledgeable on issues of mental health).

    But you could connect someone with the @MentalHealthC Twitter account which is the one where tweets about Mental Health Camp are broadcast.

    Hope this feedback is helpful! 🙂 and great idea!

  4. Thanks, everyone, for all of your comments – I’m happy that these introductions are gaining some traction. And thanks to @JodiEchakowitz for suggesting the #DailyIntro hashtag which I am using:-)

    Maybe it’ll be a trending topic someday…

  5. What a great idea! I also use twitter to see what other artists, etc. are doing, and what people have to say. I’ll work on making connections 2 by2. There are so many wonderful folks here!

  6. Great idea, Cathy. I love it as an alternative or addition to #FollowFriday. Given the 140 character limitation on Twitter, perhaps you could call it #DailyIntro?

  7. Another great idea Cathy. I’m going to do the same thing .. We need a name for it though, so we remember who first thought of the concept ..

    We’re waiting on your return to the West Coast .. we have a killer Internet Marketing Mastermind group ..

  8. I think this sounds like fun. Twitter is about me finding out more about whats out there and my own self development in the process. I have a hungry mind which needs feeding…bring it on!

  9. Hi Cathy,

    This is better than the #FollowFriday concept because it makes you think about who to connect and a reason to connect them. I like it and will work through my connections to connect others.


  10. Love this, Cathy. If social media isn’t used to build relationships and connect with others, what have we got other than a bullhorn used to promote oneself? What a huge missed opportunity that would be.

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