Twitter: For Me, It’s Not About What I’m ‘Doing’

Early last year, when I first put a tentative toe into the Twitter waters, I faithfully followed  people who responded quite literally to the question “What Are You Doing?”

They reported at fixed intervals during the day that they were hungry. Or thirsty. Or that they satisfied their hunger/thirst by eating/drinking something somewhere, and boy, was it good!!  Well, I got bored.  And impatient.  I almost gave up on Twitter. Thankfully, I had a change of heart and gave up on the masses who hungered and thirsted.

But “What Are You Doing?” remains a question I find difficult to answer.  I try hard not to report on what I’m actually doing, unless it’s either unusual, unexpected or quirky/funny.

And while Facebook’s “What’s On Your Mind?” reflects thinking as opposed to doing, it’s still not the question I’m mentally responding to when I tweet.  In fact, I think I have several.

Here are just a few:

What Am I Feeling? – Often what I post is directly related to an emotion, rather than an activity…I’m happy, sad, excited, inquisitive, thoughtful, incensed – and I want to tell people about it because that reflects who I am.

What Have I Learned? – So much of what I do on Twitter involves recommending great people and passing on valuable information  that I’ve gathered from articles, blogs, presentations and my own work/life experiences.  Twitter is a perfect vehicle for sharing what and who you know.

Does Anybody Know…? – When I have a burning question or want an opinion on anything, at any time, Twitter is the best place to be.  And whatever I learn, I re-tweet:-)

How Can I Help? –  The opportunities to support a worthy cause, to offer a helping hand,  or just listen to someone who needs a sympathetic ear are endless on Twitter.   I love to reach out whenever I can.

What Have YOU Got to Say? – I don’t want it to be all about me.  Engaging people, many of who I’m never likely to meet, is a blast.  It offers new insights, sparks conversations, builds communities, cements friendships,  and sometimes makes us laugh – and cry.

What inner questions motivate you to tweet?  I’d love to know.  Wouldn’t it be terrific to give Twitter some new food for thought?

3 thoughts on “Twitter: For Me, It’s Not About What I’m ‘Doing’

  1. First – I laughed when I read “food for thought” considering how I like to unfollow people who mostly tweet about what they are putting in their mouths.

    2nd – I really like the “what I am reading” tweets – it helps me to realize that the so called social media experts, are experts because they are interested in learning and improving on their craft.

    3rd – I think I learn most from you. You share great insight (and loads of fun)- and your follow friday recommendations are always awesome.

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