Once a Canadian…

I’ve been living in California on and off for eight years.  It was gut-wrenching to leave my dearest friends, my beloved cats and the best apartment I ever had.  I miss Casablanca, my favorite Moroccan restaurant and the fun I had pretending to belly dance.  I miss the warmth and the sunny days.  And God knows I miss Two Buck Chuck!!  I would move back in a minute.

But in the last five weeks I’ve re-discovered something about Canada I love and missed in Silicon Valley.  I’m talking about curling.  Yes, that strange sport where folks slide heavy rocks down a sheet of ice in the hopes of knocking other rocks out of the rings and get closest to the button.  I had lots of blank stares when I tried to explain curling to Californians…

I’ve managed to come back right in the middle of curling season and I am in curling heaven. The Tournament of Hearts just ended, and the Brier just started yesterday – which means when I’m not at the computer  I’ll be in front of the TV.  And then in a few weeks, curling Nirvana, with the men’s and women’s world titles.  I am content.

And to top off my oh-so-Canadian experience, it snowed in Vancouver this afternoon – all over the beautiful palm trees surrounding the house I’m staying in.  I have come to hate the idea of snow.  But it was so darned beautiful I had to run out in it.

So I guess you can take the girl out of Canada…but you can’t totally take Canada out of the girl.

One thought on “Once a Canadian…

  1. Hey Cathy! Sorry I’ve been out of touch since IRS’s last party. It’s been a crazy couple months. Anyway, wanted to say Hi and that I found your website and I’ll certainly look forward to your Silicon Valley home coming party! Hurry back. I also wanted to let you know that curling in San Jose awaits your return, http://www.bayareacurling.com/. No need to explain it to me and I was born here 🙂
    Cheers and see you soon. Ed.

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