Twitter as Job Search Tool? Absolutely!

I’ve been looking for a PR job for many months, first in Silicon Valley, where I had lived for several years, and now in Vancouver, where I came after my visitors visa had expired.  It’s been hard, and the current downturn has made it even more challenging.

At first, I relied on craigslist, LinkedIn and Facebook.  I even paid a hefty monthly fee to a well-known organization to give me ‘exclusive’ access to choice positions.

Twitter wasn’t part of my search strategy – but it is now.  One single tweet changed that for me in December.

I had been using Twitter to connect and engage people in conversation, but I had never really brought up my situation.  Then, on a particularly tough day, I announced that I was on the verge of losing everything and would have to leave the US.

The response was immediate – and overwhelming.  Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to tell my story through guest blogs, media interviews, speaking engagements and internet radio shows.  Several people offered to circulate my resume to friends and colleagues.  To this day, folks I’ve never met and probably will never meet write me to see how I’m doing, feed me leads, give me encouragement, and tell me things will get better.  And happily, I’m talking with some promising companies with neat technology who are in the process of getting funding.  I have hope.

If you are job hunting, or know someone who is, here are a few tips based on my experience on Twitter:

  • Build up your network – follow people you respect, and follow the people who respect them.  Use tools like to find like-minded people who may be helpful resources.  And follow job sources such as @JobAngels, @SocialMediaJob, @MicroJobs, and more.
  • Take a good look at your skills, and make sure that your Twitter bio reflects them.  Be direct.  My bio says I am job hunting in the first line!
  • Make sure you have a twesume – what you do in 140 characters – and tweet it on a regular basis. (No spamming, though…)
  • Let your followers know you are looking, and if there are certain contacts or companies you’d like an introduction to.  This is no time to hang back.  If no one knows, no one can help you.
  • Keep your followers posted on how the search is going.  We can all relate to your frustration, and cheer you on when things look promising.
  • Share information. If you find a great new tool, or if you know of opportunities that aren’t a fit for you, tell the world.  Someone will benefit.  Twitter is all about helping each other.
  • Talk about your job search in your blog or ask bloggers you follow if they accept guest posts, so you can provide your own insights on social media and job searches.  Post the link on Twitter.
  • And never give up. I’m not.

I hope this helps.  Now I’d love to hear from you.  Tell me what strategies have worked for you – and what haven’t.  What tools have you used successfully?

If you are looking, let me know.  And if you are hiring or know someone who is, by all means, post here – and on Twitter. Let’s keep on working for each other.

3 thoughts on “Twitter as Job Search Tool? Absolutely!

  1. Hi Cathy,

    A while ago you had given me permission to publish your blog in my new book for Houghton Mifflin. Your permission must have gotten deleted and I ask if you wouldn’t mind sending that permission once again. I hope by now you’ve landed on your feet!

    Warmest regards,

  2. Hi Cathy,

    I’m writing a book “Communicating in the 21st Century Workplace,” and it will be published by Houghton Mifflin. I’m including a chapter on job hunting and social media and would love to include your blog: Would you give me permission to use it? If so, please send me an email to Thanks.

    I’ll gladly send you a copy when it’s published.

    Thank you,
    Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts

  3. Wonderful post. Lately, Twitter has been my primary resource for job hunting! I’ve gotten 3 interviews thanks to Twitter (hopefully they will lead to job opportunities). I’m about to graduate from college in Oregon but am looking for a job in California, and I find it much easier to feel connected through Twitter. Good luck with your job hunt!

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